Frequently Asked Questions

When and where are your ACT events?

We are prepared to offer boot camps immediately before each administered ACT. The ACT is offered seven times throughout the year in the months of September, October, December, February, April, June, and July. We offer courses prior to most ACT administrations. See our class ACT course offerings under the Upcoming Events tab. Boot camps in LaGrange are held at THINC. College & Career Academy, 1 College Circle Drive, LaGrange, Ga. The entrance to THINC. is off Orchard Hill Road and is marked with a large black sign. If you will be utilizing a GPS to locate us, you will need to enter 1302 Orchard Hill Road as the location. Our class ACT courses are held at various locations in LaGrange, Ga. See the Google map under the Locations tab of our website for directions to specific locations.

Do you offer SAT classes?

No, we do not offer SAT classes. We love working with our students in our boot camps and ACT prep courses! However, we are also full-time teachers with families at home. We just do not have the time to create and provide the same products for the SAT at this time. However, we do offer private tutoring sessions for students who are seeking to improve their SAT scores. Private tutoring sessions are $40 per hour. Contact us to schedule private tutoring.

Should I sign up for ACT Boot Camp or class ACT?

We offer two opportunities for students to choose from for their ACT prep needs. Students will need to consider their testing goals and current status to determine which class to sign up for. Students who primarily need test-taking tips and time-management strategies may choose to attend the ACT Boot Camp. Students who need more content instruction than can be offered in the ACT Boot Camp should choose the Class ACT course. In general, students who wish to signficantly increase their ACT score should sign up for the more time intensive Class ACT course. ACT Boot Camps Our boot camps are 3.5 hour classes which offer specific test-taking tips, content instruction, time-management strategies, and practice in each tested area. Although the camps do provide content instruction, minimal time is spent on content due to the limited amount of class time. Students who need more help in the content areas will need to attend the Class ACT course. The $100 fee for the boot camp includes all required course materials, snacks, and a test-day pack. Class ACT Class ACT is an ACT prep course to get students ready for optimal results on the ACT! The class is 5 four-hour sessions of content instruction, test-taking tips, time-management strategies, and application. The 20 hour course will provide significant content instruction in math and English to fill in the gaps so students are more prepared for the ACT. In science and reading, students will receive information regarding the types of passages on the ACT and specific strategies for tackling those passages. At the end of the course, students will have spent 10 hours in math/science and 10 hours in English/reading. Students will be given significant time to practice and apply what they are learning in all four tested areas. The $425 fee for this course includes all required course materials, snacks, and a test-day pack. This class is half the cost of private tutoring for the same amount of instructional time.

How do I register for your ACT classes or sign up for private tutoring?

Click on a specific event flyer under the Upcoming Events tab to register for an event. Contact us to arrange for private tutoring sessions.

What are your fees and do you offer any discounts?

Private Tutoring - $50 per hour ACT Boot Camp - $125 in LaGrange; on site TBD (includes course materials, snacks, and test-day pack) class ACT - $500 (includes course materials, snacks, and test-day pack) YES, we offer $50 discount to class ACT participants who register and submit payment by early registration date

How and when do I pay for your ACT classes once I register?

We recommend that you pay for your class as soon as possible after registering. If you submit payment by early registration date, you will receive $50 discount. All classes must be pre-paid in full. You may choose from the following options: MAIL Two Teachers Tutoring 137B Commerce Ave. #136 LaGrange, GA 30241 Make checks payable to Two Teachers Tutoring. Venmo (electronic debit or credit card payments) Send payments via Venmo to @Chamiller. Be sure to include "BOOT CAMP - Participant's Full Name" OR "CLASS ACT - Participant's Full Name" in the "What's it for?" line. CLICK HERE to learn more about Venmo and to set up your account. Installments OR cash payments Contact us to discuss installment options or to arrange cash payments. This is an investment in your future that will pay off. However, we understand the financial commitment involved. We will be more than happy to work something out with you. Please understand that all participants must pay for the class prior to the session start date. Submitting the registration form only communicates to us that you are planning to attend the class. Your spot is not reserved until your payment is received.

When should I take your ACT classes?

Although we have had 9th through 12th graders attend our classes, juniors and seniors make up the majority of our students. We recommend that students begin the process no later than the fall of their junior year to ensure that they have plenty of time to achieve their testing goals. Ideally, we would love for you to have a baseline ACT score prior to taking the class ACT course, but it certainly is not required for you to attend.

Do students outside of Troup County take your classes?

YES! We have students from both public and private schools and inside and outside of Troup County attend our classes! We have had students come from all across Georgia and Alabama. You never know who you may meet at one of our classes!

Do you provide a money-back guarantee?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a money-back guarantee because there are many factors that contribute to a student's score; however, we will do everything we can to help you be successful.

Do you offer make-up classes if I have to miss a session of the Class ACT class?

No, we do not offer make-up sessions for missed classes. However, we will provide any material that you missed to you when you return. You will need to catch up on what you missed outside of class.

What can I do to achieve my best score?

Students who maximize their performance on the ACT are coachable. In other words, they do what we tell them to do consistently. Students will achieve their best results by following our test-taking tips, time-management strategies, and by practicing on a weekly basis. Athletes have proven over and over again how hard work and repetition affect their performance. The same can be said for a student's ACT results. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!! Another important part of improvement is to recognize and learn from past mistakes. It is important to spend time after each practice test going over missed questions and truly attempting to understand WHY you missed it. You have to own your mistakes and learn from them. It is not enough to just know that the answer was K! You have to know WHY and understand what misconception you had that kept you from getting it right.

How much will my score increase after taking the class ACT course?

Unfortunately, we cannot blindly predict how much a student's score will increase. There are many factors which will influence student performance. A student's baseline score, content knowledge, academic ability, and work ethic are factors which play a role. Additionally, students who have testing anxiety, do not get a good night's sleep, or do not eat a good breakfast can negatively impact their ACT performance. Although we can't make predictions, we do have data that shows that what we do helps students to improve! We have seen as high as an 11-point increase in a tested area. Please check out our data and see for yourself!

When should I take the ACT?